Old Exchange Building Commission

The Old Exchange Building Commission meeting will take place on January 23, 2018. The public is welcome to join at the BLANK room in Columbia, SC.

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The Great Hall

When the Exchange building was completed in 1771, The Great Hall was unveiled as the cultural center of Charles Town. The beautiful space featured speeches, chamber music, operas, theater, and social events for Charles Town’s elite. Protests took place in the great hall in response to taxes levied on tea in 1773. May 12, 1788, delegates from across South Carolina convened in The Great Hall to debate the ratification of the United States’ Constitution. South Carolina successfully ratified on May 23.

On May 2, 1791 President George Washington arrived in Charleston for his week long stay. During his stay, he was entertained in lavish style in The Great Hall. Three events were held to honor Washington: a banquet, a concert, and a ball.

Today, The Great Hall has been restored to what it would have looked like during it’s early days. We are proud to continue the space for lectures, concerts, and special events almost 250 years after the building was created.

If you are interested in holding your special event at The Old Exchange, please check our special event page.

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