New Online Education Programming

COVID-19 still continues to upturn life here in Charleston, as many teachers and students struggle with balancing in-person and online classes. This school year is far from normal, which is why Education Coordinator Rigel Kocur has developed a new online program to help local teachers. When the building was temporarily shut down due to City of Charleston ordinance, Rigel created a weekly series of videos called Education Online posted on the Old Exchange’s Facebook page. These videos would highlight a different artifact, panel, or piece of the Old Exchange’s history in a short informative, and entertaining way. Since the building has once again opened to the public, Rigel has been busy maintaining the day-to-day operations under the new norms in the age of COVID.

Knowing this year is far from normal, he created a new education program called a Virtual Tour of the Exchange, where teachers and their students need only dial-in to Zoom on their requested date and time and receive a virtual walkthrough the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. The program was developed to help local teachers who normally would plan a field trip to the Old Exchange as part of their lesson plans. It can be found at under our Outreach Programs section. Just select Virtual Tour of the Exchange when completing the Group Registration Form to book your online program today.

The Old Exchange is also open to in-person education programming that we normally offer. We simply require that all in-person participants appropriately wear face masks as they tour the museum. To inquire more about our educational programming, both in-person and virtual, please visit, or contact Rigel Kocur at