Great Hall:

1. A giant American flag is up the stairs for all to see. Count the stars on the flag, and you'll find there's

Answer - 33

2. There is a portrait of a war hero who thought outside the box. His name is Francis Marion, nicknamed

Answer - Swamp Fox

3. George Washington attended parties here that were never dull. Here you can find two paintings of him, both by artist

Answer - John Trumbull

4. The Constitution was ratified here, making our state take a powerful pledge. You can find the men who ratified it here, one is named

Answer - John Rutledge

1st Floor:

1. Because of a clever woman, a battle was shortly fought. Find her statue, her name is

Answer - Rebecca Motte

2. There is a ship here, its size is gigantic. It won the Kaiser cup, its name is

Answer - The Atlantic

3. The Exchange was a post office, before email sent messages faster. Dr. Boseman worked here as Charleston's first Black

Answer - Postmaster

4. In a basket hide lucky seeds, small in their size. Peer in the basket and you will find

Answer - Buckeyes

Provost Dungeon:

1. While on the Dungeon Tour, your guide may share some information soon. Over the railing you'll find 300 year-old brick, shaped like a

Answer - Half-Moon

2. The brick is quite old, and it cost a lot of coin. The arches holding this building up are called

Answer - Roman Groin

3. The Dungeon is where inmates were kept, some would die and turn into a ghost. This space had another name, some called it a

Answer - Provost

4. The Dungeon was an awful place, it left people's spirits feeling hollower. Many types of people were here, including female

Answer - Camp Followers

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